About Springline

The heart of British shoe making

Spring Line Limited is based in Northampton, England, at the heart of the British shoe-making industry, which is renowned throughout the world. The company was founded in 1982 by Kenneth Tipping and Bill Saunders and is now the only remaining last manufacturer in Britain.

Few elements of the shoemaking process that are more critical

Apart from leather selection, there are few elements of the shoe making process that are more critical to the end result than the manufacture of the last. For several hundred years, or more, the foot-shaped last has been an essential tool of the shoemaker’s trade.

Traditional skills, craftsmanship and knowledge

Customers and manufacturers value our traditional skills, craftsmanship and knowledge. We understand the need for a fast turnaround of orders whilst maintaining the highest quality. Over time our business has seen many changes and our services now range from bespoke hand-crafted wooden lasts, to model development and the supply of durable plastic lasts made to your specifications.

Prolonging the life of your treasured shoes

Over 20 years ago, we also began to manufacture shoe trees, to help prolong the life of your treasured shoes. With a wide range of shoe trees now available, including a variety of finish and branding options and made to your own last shape, these now make up around 50% of our business.

Buying a piece of manufacturing history

Our continued success is due to the skill of our staff, the quality of the products and our flexibility in adapting to customer needs. Now firmly established as an essential component of the shoe making industry - when you buy our lasts and trees you really are buying a piece of manufacturing history.