The introduction of Digitising Machines

The biggest change in the manufacture of lasts over recent years has been the introduction of digitising machines which allow a last to be effectively scanned and re-produced exactly on a computer screen. Our software system enables us to manipulate a last digitally – modifying heel height, lengthening toes, adding sock allowances or boot back-parts and more.

Sending digital model lasts and patterns by email

This software also allows us to link up with other last manufacturers around the world, sending digital model lasts and patterns by email. We can also receive data from these companies and turn lasts here from the data supplied.

Benefit from having models developed by a UK company

As shoe manufacturers have moved their manufacturing abroad, modelling has become an important part of our business. At Spring Line we can work with you to carry out a variety of model work, from adapting and modifying an existing shape right through to the development of a brand new model. Customers continue to benefit from having their models developed by a UK company that understands their market and the fit they need to achieve.

Keen to support emerging new brands and designers

We work with many of the established brands and manufacturers and are proud to be a part of the world-renowned shoe-making industry locally in Northampton. Keen to support new business, we are also happy to hear from emerging new brands and designers. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the services we offer in more detail.

Factory Tours

We can offer a factory tour for groups of up to 7 people, including a talk giving a brief introduction to lasts and last making. For information, price and availability then please contact us.