Shoe Trees

The very best care and attention

Good quality shoes deserve the very best care and attention. For the ultimate in shoe care luxury shoe trees can prolong the life of your shoes by absorbing moisture, maintaining the shape and preventing cracking.

Classic antique through to mahogany

We manufacture a wide range of shoe trees, available in finishes from classic antique through to mahogany. Silver or brass fittings and branding complete the look. The addition of a Laser Engraving Machine means that we can now engrave the trees in-house with your company logo or branding for a very professional and consistent finish.

For bulk production we would make a model for the shoe trees from the original last, ensuring the shoes are effectively put back on the last each night to keep true to the original shape of the shoe.

Bespoke Shoe Trees

Alternatively, if you already own a loved and treasured pair of shoes and want to extend their life then we can make Bespoke Shoe Trees to support them. If supplied with the original last ideally or the pair of shoes then we can create a unique pair of trees that will be crafted to your specific pair ensuring the best possible fit.