SL15368 - Mens Sports Sandal with Toe Post (Students)

Hopefully these commonly asked questions will enable you to determine what specifications you require. Should you need any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need a different last for each size and style?

Yes, you will need a last for each style that you wish to make as each last is designed specifically to work with each shape and heel height. Any variation in shape, size, fitting and height will require a last.

Which is better – wood or plastic?

Both will do the job equally well. Plastic is more often used now for bulk production due to its durability and since it is cheaper than wood is the option that we recommend for students/hobbyists.

Why do I need a hinge?

With many styles it can be difficult to remove the last from the finished shoe after manufacture. Having a hinge will enable the last to be removed more easily.

Do I need metal plates on the bottom of the last?

Whether you require metal plates adding to the bottom of the last will depend on the type of construction that you intend to use. If you are intending to tack last and leave the tacks in the finished shoe then metal plates will prevent these tacks from coming through the insole of your shoe. The top of the tack will hit the metal plate and bend over to prevent any damage. There are various plating options available, including toe only, heel and toe, heel only, ¾ plated and fully plated. However, if you are intending to use adhesive in the construction rather than tacks then plates will not be necessary.

What width will the last be made to?

Unless a width is specified we would usually supply Mens lasts to an F fitting and Ladies lasts to a D fitting. This is generally considered to be a standard fit for the UK market. If you require lasts to an alternative width fitting then please specify the width required in the notes section when placing your order.